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EMV vs. Mobile Wallet: To Upgrade or Not - Gas Pump EMV Decisions

Fuel retailers across the United States are in the midst of upgrading their gas pump credit-card readers to accept EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) “chip-and-pin” cards due to the upcoming liability shift. As of October 2017, fuel retailers may be liable for payment fraud unless they have upgraded their gas-pump hardware from old magnetic-stripe readers to EMV credit- and debit-card readers.

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December 2015 Industry News From Patriot Capital

FED Bank announces rate increase – act now to avoid rate increases Today the Federal Reserve Bank announced plans to start to raise interest rates, with an anticipated immediate impact on borrowing rates.  The Wall Street Journal calls this ‘The End of Era’.  Most analysts suggest Continue Reading...

Patriot Capital Launches Gilbarco Financing Program

Incentives aimed at retailers looking to upgrade Gilbarco Veeder-Root technologies Patriot Capital, a leader in equipment financing solutions, has announced financing incentives starting at 1.9% for fuel retailers and convenience-store operators who wish to upgrade their dispenser and payment technologies

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