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Common Equipment Financing Questions

Is Equipment Financing Right For Your Business?

You have options in how you finance your fueling and convenience store equipment.

Are you adding new EMV gas pumps, POS, LED's, storage tanks or EMV upgrades? Learn how business equipment financing and leasing for your convenience store compares with other loan and borrowing options.

Visit our Equipment Financing Learning Center ( to learn more.

What is the Patriot Capital Financing Process Like?

Interested in how the Equipment Financing process works?

This video explains how to apply for financing, and how the process works. It takes you from loan approval to equipment installation and final payments.

If you are considering purchasing new gas pumps, convenience store equipment or upgrading for EMV, this video answers common financing questions.

What are the Advantages of Financing with Patriot Capital?

This video summarizes the advantages of financing your equipment with Patriot Capital.

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