Is Equipment Financing Right for Me? (Video)


Are you considering purchasing equipment for your business and aren’t sure what the best financing or loan option is? Upgrading your gas pumps for EMV, tanks for new EPA regulations, adding a new brand image or making another investment in your business?

If so here are some things to consider:

  • If you have capital available, would it be better to invest in expanding your business rather than buying a depreciating asset? To do this, using financing keeps your capital available for strategic investments.
  • Are there are cost effective financing options available besides bank loans? Equipment financing is fast and does not place a burden on your land, buildings or other assets besides the equipment being financed.
  • How does the 2017 tax reform act impact depreciation options, taxes and cash flow? There are a number of incentives in the new tax bill that allow accelerated depreciation and create cash flow advantages.

Patriot Capital can help you understand your options. We have been delivering fast, affordable and quick approval of financing solutions to the convenience store and commercial petroleum industry since 2000. Equipment financing can be faster and have lesser restrictions than borrowing money from friends, family or a bank. Our one page application for loans up to $200,000 can be quickly filled in and submitted

By doing it “THE RIGHT WAY,” Patriot Capital has been chosen as “Best in US” by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America for the past four years. We pride ourselves on being fast, flexible and easy to do business with. You can get almost any brand or type of equipment and related installation, shipping, taxes and training quickly funded, without hassles.

Patriot Capital does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for advice.

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