Is Equipment Financing Right for Me? (Video)


We've got EMV on the horizon. Now, EMV is going to be a monumental spend, and the amount of dollars that it's going to take to upgrade the equipment at the locations really requires that dealers and jobbers alike start to look at their capital stack to determine how they're going to pay for some of these equipment upgrades, and what it might require.

Equipment financing is a very good alternative to banks, or to your own cash when you're looking at the type of spend that's going to come with EMV. With all the loyalty, with all the merchandising, with all the opportunities to creatively bring more people to your site. You want to make sure that you're prepared to make those investments, to continue to keep your business growing, and modern for your customers.

Equipment financing through Patriot Capital enables you to keep your business, to keep your land free and clear. To keep your business and run it the way you determine without anyone standing in your way because the only thing that we use as collateral is the equipment that we finance for you, the POS, the gas pump, the canopy, the lights, whatever it is that you need for your new project.

Do you really want to go through a month-long process of refinancing a site with all the appraisal costs, with all the due diligence time, and the rest of it that's involved, when what you can do is fill out a one-page credit application?

And literally in 48 hours have an answer from Patriot Capital on fixed rate pricing, some of the lowest rates in the industry, with fast approvals, and the ability to borrow using just that equipment.

You can apply online, or you can print out a credit application and apply in a traditional manner by sending it to us or even just giving us a call. We have reps ready to help you put together your transaction and make it quick and easy. If you're really just looking for a quote to have an estimate of what it might cost we have a quick quote capability online. Go ahead and fill out what your projected project cost might be, and we'll provide you a quick and easy range of options that might be very best for you.

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