“Patriot Capital is a great opportunity for us and our dealers to take advantage of when confronting the PCI upgrades. The opportunity for us that a company like Patriot Capital will assist our dealer chain makes it easier for us to know that the dealers are getting their stores upgraded.” – Bay Oil

“Their service is great. They met our needs and structured transactions that best fit our strategies.” – Community Fuels

“They are easy to work with. Their response time is great. They came through for us and our dealers when the financial times were bad in the economy. We feel that they are there for us to assist us in our equipment upgrades.” – Classic Star Group

“Their service is quick. Their work is thorough. They went over the top to get a transaction completed for us during the Christmas holiday. This shows the dedication of their company to services our needs. We have nothing but positive thoughts about Patriot Capital.” – Midtex Oil

3565 Piedmont Road, NE Building 1 Suite 430 Atlanta, GA 30305 877-527-0383