Patriot Capital Partners with Kooler Ice, the Industry Leader for Ice Machine Financing

Atlanta, GA 2011 - Patriot Capital and Kooler Ice partner to provide financing solution.

Kooler Ice is now providing ice machine financing for their customers through Patriot Capital, the industry leader in financing for the retail and commercial petroleum industry.

Kooler Ice is a leader in the Ice Vending industry, and believed that by providing a financing solution to their customers, they could make it easier to acquire their machines. Kooler Ice has one goal - to provide its users and distributors with a reliable, durable and well designed machine which will provide a high quality cost efficient product. Now, they have helped to provide a easy and affordable method to pay for their products as well. Both Kooler Ice and Patriot Capital are excited about the partnership and look forward to helping Kooler Ice customers increase their ice sales and profitability.  

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