Want to Upgrade the POS System at your C-Store? POS Loans Might be Easier to Acquire than you Think

Aside from location, people often choose a convenience store largely based upon convenience (hence the name). If you are using old, outdated POS (Point of Sale) equipment, chances are that your customers might visit your competition instead if your system slows them down or causes frustration. It’s all about cashier speed and shopping experience. Being able to accept mobile payment, fuel loyalty programs and coupons are now key elements of the C-Store shopping expectation. However, the cost of new equipment often deters c-store owners from upgrading.

Have you considered upgrading your POS system, but thought it might be too difficult to obtain a loan or financing? You’ll be glad to know that c-store loans are well within your reach at Patriot Capital. POS leasing and financing companies such as Patriot Capital are here to help with hassle-free financing. Patriot provides financing for all major brands of POS, including VeriFone Commander and Gilbarco Passport PX-60 point of sale systems. All you have to do is apply online. It’s as easy as that.

Steps to Obtaining Point of Sale Loans

Your first step to acquiring c-store equipment financing is to contact one of our representatives, who will help you determine the type of loan that best suits your business. Whether you need a POS upgrade, new gas pumps, underground storage tanks, or LED lighting, we can easily accommodate your gas station needs. We can even assist you with quick serve restaurant (QSR) equipment financing should you wish to expand your current capabilities. Often combining several equipment upgrades into one investment can result in lower project costs and lower interest rates.

We only need a few pieces of information to prepare a quote. From there, we can also go over the differences between fueling equipment financing and leasing and other payment options so you can decide which option is best for your business.

Patriot Capital works with most point of sale equipment distributors to finance both your point of sale equipment and the related costs of installation, training and shipping. Our financing typically can cover 100% of these costs.

From Application to Closing

Patriot Capital is recognized for our rapid loan application approvals and financing approval process. For point of sale (POS) financing, a one page application is usually all that is required. 

Once your c-store equipment financing application is approved and financing documents are executed, we will work with you and your equipment distributor to order and pay for your equipment to ensure the process is completed in a timely manner with zero snags.

Our Expertise Helps Get You Approved

Patriot’s representatives and credit specialists have significant experience in the gas retailing and c-store industry. Our experience enables us to finance most c-store owners and operators. 

Our loan approvals and interest rates are based on the financial history of your company, type of equipment and length of loan desired. We offer financing  terms for point of sale (POS) systems that range from 24 months to 60 months. 

Is Now The Right Time to Upgrade Your POS?

If you have not yet updated for EMV processing, mobil payment and fuel loyalty programs and you desire an enhanced customer experience , upgrading your point of sale system may be the right investment. Patriot Capital POS loans will ensure your customers enjoy the best possible check out experience and that their, and your, data is secure.

Obtain a quick quote now or contact us today at 1-404-255-1770 to find out more.

Financing is subject to credit approval. 

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