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Interest Rates Rise Again

Interest Rates Rise Again! 
The Federal Reserve voted to hike rates for the fourth time this year. Each 1% rate increase is equivalent to about a 2.5 price increase in equipment costs. Fortunately, we offer fixed rates for the entire financing term. Lock in your interest rate by contacting us today.

Tis the Season for Holiday Travel

'Tis the Season for Holiday Travel

A record-breaking 112.5 million people will travel across the county this holiday season. Of that 112.5, 102 million will travel by car. Find out how this will influence gas prices by reading this article.

Car Wash Could Improve Profits

A Car Wash Could Improve Profits
Car washes at convenience stores offer high profits with low labor costs. Investing in car washes, along with upgraded pumps could have a huge impact on your revenue. Find out how here. Interested in investing into a car wash? Contact your local Patriot Capital Rep to see how our financing can help you!
Is Your C-Store Up to Par With Digital Trends?

Is Your C-Store Up to Par With Digital Trends?
We are currently living through a digital retail revolution. It is completely transforming businesses by having business owners reassess how they apply technology to add value, improve efficiency and drive revenue. Is your business up-to-par? Read thisto find out!
Is Your Business Ready for 2019?

Is Your Business Ready for 2019?

This past year, introduced many inventions and upgrades that altered how consumers shop. Demand for delivery, faster service and mobile apps grew to an all-time high. Is your C-Store ready? Click here to find out!
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