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Interest Rates Rise Again

Interest Rates Rise Again
Last month, the Federal Reserve voted to hike rates for the third time this year. It was raised a quarter percentage of a point, to a range of 2% to 2.25%. Many predict that there will be a few more hikes this year. Each 1% rate increase is equivalent to about a 2.5 price increase in equipment costs.

What Could Digital Pay at the Pump Mean For Your Customers?

What Could Digital Pay at the Pump Mean For Your Customers?

PayPal is now collaborating with gas stations to offer customers the ability to pay for fuel via PayPal, on their phones. How can your customer’s convenience stores cater to these customers? Learn more by reading this NACS article.

Higher Interest Rates Ahead

Is Your Team Prepared for the Future?

The world is evolving faster than most realize, and technology continues to advance on a daily basis. We now have robots serving customers, mobile devices controlling sales, etc. Is your team prepared for the future changes coming to convenience stores? Read this Forbes article to learn more.

Increase Your Customers In-Store Sales This Season

The One Thing That Can Save Your Customer’s Business
This INC article shares how writing things down can save you and your team’s business. Proper documentation helps with product development, selling processes, customer support and more.
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