March 2019 Tips and Insights from Patriot Capital

Which Technology Solution Is Best For Your Customers?
The daily tasks of running a convenience store can be overwhelming. Thankfully, technology is available to make these tasks quicker, easier and more efficient. Click here to learn which technology solutions can help your customers.

 EMV Conversations With Your Customers

Sharing EMV news with your jobbers can sometimes be a difficult task. Use this recent NACS podcast to learn the importance of becoming EMV compliant.

Four Tips To Improve Relationships With Your Customers

Businesses thrive on customer relationships. Without customers, a business cannot survive or grow. How do you uphold positive customer relationships? Find out by reading this article.

Five Tips to Keep Your Customer Happy (Even When They're Wrong)

Have you struggled with keeping your customers happy? Have things out of your control taken place and left you wondering how to make your customer happy? These five tips can help.

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