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Want to Close More Sales?

Want to Close More Sales?
Interested in improving your odds of closing out a sale? Properly framing your conversation upfront can help you to close more deals. Read this Inc.com article to learn more. 

POS Liability Shift

POS Liability Shift – Are your customers exposed? 

Many brands and networks have started fining dealers that have not upgraded their POS to accept EMV. These fines can be $5000 per month or more. If you have dealers that haven’t upgraded, we can help with affordable monthly payments. Contact us today!

Higher Interest Rates Ahead

Interest Rates Rise. . .Again

At its last meeting, the Federal Reserve voted to increase interest rates for the second time this year. This increase is the seventh since interest rates bottomed. The FED signaled that there might be two more interest hikes this year. Each 1% rate increase is roughly equivalent to a 2.5% price increase in equipment costs.

What Does Connectivity Mean For Your Business?

What Does Connectivity Mean For Your Business? 
There are lots of new buzzwords gaining play – IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Devices, Remote Management, Connectivity, etc. As technological change accelerates, you and your customers business models will need to change. Richard Browne shares his perspective on how your business should think about the significant changes coming, and plan accordingly. Read this SIGMA IGM article.
EPA Answers Questions Related to Sump Regulations

EPA Answers Questions Related to Sump Regulations
Later this year many states will be impacted by enforcement of 2015 EPA sump regulation updates. This increased criteria may result in some of your customers being noncompliant and requiring upgrade work. The EPA has issued an FAQ page answering the most common questions. Read it here. 
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