Jan./Feb. Tips and Insights from Patriot Capital

Are Your Customers Up-to-Date to Receive Mobile Payments?
Three-fourths of top 100 merchants in the United States now accept Apple Pay and similar mobile payment methods. These systems allow customers to easily pay for gas and other essentials via their phones and watches. Are your customers up-to-date? Learn more here.

 Welcome to the C-Store of the Future

Convenience stores are changing faster than ever; people are living healthier, moving faster and technology is dominating. Make sure your customers a knowledgeable about future trends. Read more here. If you would like to talk about technological advances for your customers, please contact Patriot Capital.

Protect Your Customers from Skimming Attacks

Approximately 39 million Americans are targeted at fuel dispensers daily. Your customer’s gas station could be one of the sources. Click here to learn about ways you can help protect your customers from skimming attacks.

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