December 2016 Industry News from Patriot Capital

What The Proposed Federal Tax Changes Could Mean To Your Business - And How To Win In 2016

There is a lot of press about the potential for business tax rates to be lower as part of the new administration in Washington D.C.. 

  • Although there still is a lot of speculation about what will happen, and when, one thing is certain: if tax rates are lowered, the value of capital-goods depreciation will be reduced. This means that the actual net after-tax cost of capital equipment to businesses will be increased. 

  • One way to potentially take advantage of this situation is to purchase capital equipment, including Point-of-Sale systems, computers and larger vehicles, that qualify for IRS Section 179 in 2016. Section 179 allows you to take full depreciation in 2016, up to $500,000, on capital equipment that is installed in 2016.  If you are able to capture depreciation at today’s tax rates, and pay taxes on the income produced at the potentially new and lower rates, this could generate additional positive cash flow for your business.

Consult your accountant for tax advice related to your particular situation; Patriot Capital does not provide tax advice.

Did You Know? There are now more EMV cards in the U.S. than people.

Interest Rates Are Likely Headed Up, But There's Still Time To Lock In Current Rates For Equipment Financing

Following the election, stock markets have moved upward and bonds downward. Why? Jeffrey Dorfman, writing at, states that new investments in the market are $25 billion, while outflows from bonds are $9 billion. 
This, combined with the Fed’s anticipated December interest rate hike and the potential for inflationary pressure next year, combine to suggest that our extended period of record-low interest rates is about to reverse. Equipment financing enables you to lock in a fixed interest rate for the term of your agreement.
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Monthly Tip – “The stressors (on entrepreneurs) can be relentless. But if you’re not happy, healthy, and motivated, you can’t create a business model that provides a positive market experience.  Nobody wants to do business with a grouchy, bitter, and exhausted owner. Therefore, investing the time and effort to adequately take care of your physical and mental well-being will further increase your chances for long-term success." Five Essential Principles For Growing Your Small Business - Fasil Hoque, Fast Company

BP Dealer Webinar December 6 - What's Your EMV Plan?

Interested in understanding what the October, 2017, EMV liability shift means for your business?  Patriot Capital will be presenting a webinar for BP branded dealers on December 6 at 10:30 am EST. 

This webinar will include experts from Gilbarco and Wayne, who will provide insights into what is required to meet EMV standards on their equipment. Dealers may register here.

EMV At The Pump - Five Considerations In Determining When To Upgrade 

As convenience stores finalize replacing their in-store magnetic-strip point-of-sale equipment with EMV chip-card readers, another deadline looms on the horizon: the EMV liability shift on the forecourt on October 1, 2017.
 Hopes that the dates for forecourt implementation will be extended appear to have been dashed with recent major oil company and branded retailer announcements of maintaining the 2017 liability shift date. 
Businesses need to look at five important considerations when planning gas pump EMV upgrades:

  1. Technician and equipment availability

  2. Equipment price trends

  3. Consumer payment security awareness

  4. Brand requirements

  5. Current equipment condition

For details on all five of these important considerations, please contact your equipment distributor, or request a copy of our EMV Considerations white paper. 

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