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FIVE Reasons Why a Motorist Might Avoid Your Gas Station

What makes a motorist drive by one gas station and stop at the one just down the street? If you own a gas station and/or convenience store, it should be all about convenience, which means you have to ask yourself what you could be doing to attract more customers.

A convenience store is all about CONVENIENCE, and location is a huge part of that. There’s a reason the corners next to highway entrance and exit ramps are so desirable – people are more likely to stop there right before getting on the highway, right after getting off, and motorists on long trips tend to get off the highway just so they can fuel up, go to the bathroom, grab supplies, and get back on the road.

People are also less likely to shop at convenience stores located in neighborhoods they deem to be unsafe, so if the quality of the neighborhood where your convenience store is located has started to take a turn for the worse, it might be time to consider relocating.

No EMV Readers

EMV readers are important, not just because the credit card companies are requiring it, but to help attract customers. If people pull up and they see that your terminals are not EMV compliant, they might decide it’s not worth taking the risk with their credit card information and move on to the next gas station that does have EMV readers.

Loyalty Programs at Other Gas Stations

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back, so if you don’t have one for your convenience store, you could be losing out, especially if the gas station just across the street from you has one. If people know they don’t have to go far to save a few bucks, they’ll drive the extra miles.

You Only Sell Gas

Gas is a necessity, but these days people expect to be able to get other things when they fuel up: food, coffee, air for their tires, a chance to go to the bathroom, mops and paper towels to clean their windows, etc. The more you can provide for your customers, the more likely they’ll be to stop at your gas station when they need gas … or anything else.

They Had a Bad Experience

Nothing turns off customers faster than a bad experience, especially at something like a gas station or convenience store where it’s so easy for them to go somewhere else the next time they need something. Whether it was a rude cashier, low-quality gas that gave them problems after the last time they drove off, or just the fact that you were out of their favorite brand of chips, it doesn’t take much to send motorists to your competitor, so make sure they’re not offering anything you’re not offering.

If you’re short on cash, that can make it hard to get the things you need to attract those motorists who keep passing you by. There are options. Gas station equipment loans and other forms of gas station financing solutions can help get you the resources you need to make your gas station a success. For more information, please contact your Patriot Capital Rep by clicking here.

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