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Financing Equipment Purchases vs. Paying Cash

Cash or Credit?

Paying interest can pay off when purchasing
equipment – and help your cash work for you, too

It takes more than gas or basic convenience store products to keep today’s customers coming back. And bringing in new customers or high-margin sales to increase profits often requires expanding or upgrading your equipment in order to give your customers confidence in their personal and data security.

“It takes money to make money,” however. Whether you’re looking for POS (point of sale) merchandising systems, digital price signs, fuel dispensers and gas pumps, or co-branded franchise equipment – you name it – the outlay can be substantial. Even if you have cash on hand, using it for this may not be the wisest step.

Of course, the idea that you “owe nothing” once you pay cash for equipment sounds appealing. And paying interest over time if you finance the purchase adds to the total cost. Or does it?

Available cash in coffers enables you to act quickly on another business opportunity, or provides a critical cushion if a downturn occurs. If you’re like most of our C-Store customers you’re enjoying at least a 15% return on investment (ROI) on the capital you put into your business. So as long as you’re borrowing money at a lower rate, you’re actually improving profits!

Pay-as-you-go financing brings in cash before you pay it out

Meanwhile, financing the purchase can put new equipment in-place with little upfront investment. You may be able to finance 100% of the cost. And the equipment begins paying its way from Day One.

What’s more, equipment financing is readily accessible, interest rates are reasonable* and most loans can be approved in a few days or less.

You may be thinking that a bank loan on your business may be more economical, however, you should think about what that entails. A longer and more complicated approval process, more money up front, and convincing your bank to loan on the type of equipment you need are just some of the pitfalls. Additionally, you need to know that when you use Patriot Capital, we only put a lien on the equipment you finance, not your business or property. This leaves the rest of your assets clear to leverage when you need additional resources to take advantage of other business opportunities.

Finally, when you finance through Patriot Capital, you are the owner of the equipment – we simply have a lien against it until you pay off the finance. That means you get all the ownership and tax advantage benefits from day one. Watch our video on the Benefits of Financing with Patriot Capital.

Learn more about these and other equipment purchase or lease options. Visit or call 1 404-996-0034

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