Big Data in your C-store does it have a place?

There is lots of information and data available, sometimes referred to as "Big Data", for c-store operators looking to improve your operations. This simple example from Ed Collupy at W. Capra Consulting Group shows one way Big Data analytics in your C-store can help improve gasoline sales and site volume for the fuel retail industry.

  • Flow Rates – with the minimum flow rate set to eight gallons per minute, before using Pulse 80% of dispensers met this minimum before, now they are at 100%.

Consider the impact on your C-store if all of your gas pumps performed at the optimal flow rate all day, every day. One of the advantages of upgrading your gas pumps and point-of-sale, beyond becoming EMV compliant, is that you may gain access to more information that will enable you to run your site more efficiently, increasing both convenience store customer satisfaction and optimizing fuel margins and fuel sales. To read Ed’s article in Convenience Store Decisions, please click here.

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