EMV Payment

Here is how Visa explains the liability shift:

Credit Card Payment Transaction Scenarios
Mag stripe card @ mag stripe terminal Merchant generally not liable
Chip card @ mag stripe only terminal Merchant generally liable – issuer has upgraded cards to EMV and merchant has not invested in upgrading
Chip card @ chip-enabled terminal Merchant not liable as an EMV card was used at an EMV terminal.

Source: http://usa.visa.com

EMV will, for some marketers, require a significant level of investment. We welcome the chance to discuss with you the best options for you to optimize your financing as you consider the scope and timing of your investments.

This blog was written by Chris Santy, President, Patriot Capital and originally appeared in the Below the Line ClubBelow the Line Club January 2015 Newsletter. This article is intended to provide an introduction to payment and the EMV liability shift for indoor payment and unattended payment terminals. We recommend consulting with your payment processing network and marketing brands for specifics related to your business situation.

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